‘Morocco Carp Fishing’ Organization – General Info  (valid from September 2018 until September 2019)

All meals are price included. (Traditional Moroccan food)

Boat and depth sounder are price included.

Electric boat motors are not price included but can be hired. With the daily battery service included, the price comes to € 100/8 fishing days. From the 9th fishing day onwards, euro 12,5 per day, per motor, will be charged extra.
(Electric motors must be ordered in advance, at times of final booking)

Our efforts to let you experience a fantastic and memorable fishing holiday and the friendly cooperation of all our ‘Morocco Carp Fishing’ – employees, is price included.

The fly ticket is not price included.

You can order your fly tickets yourself, or (if you don’t know very well how to do this) you can ask a travelling agency to do this for you. Your representative can give you some information where to find the cheapest and most convenient fly tickets.

Tip: Our transport service (airport > lake > airport) only applies for the airports of Casablanca and/or Marrakech. We strongly recommend buying fly tickets to/from Casablanca as, via the new motorway, the drive time is approx. ‘only’ 2hrs15.    (From/to Marrakech, the drive time is approx. 4 hrs.)

Our taxi transport from and to the airport of Casablanca and/or Marrakech is not fully price included. Due to the high fuel prices, a supplement of € 20 (per transport) will be charged from/to the airport of Casablanca (drive time 2h15). From/to the airport of Marrakech, a supplement of € 30 (per transport) will be charged.

(This supplement is to be divided by the number of passengers in the taxi).

After you made contact with your Morocco Carp Fishing representative, you will get the dates of your interest, 4 weeks ‘in option’. This means that you will get 4 weeks of time to deposit your non-refundable deposit of euro 50 per person. If the deposit has not been received within 4 weeks, you can request the same (or new) dates again. If still available, you will, again, get these dates 4 weeks, ‘in option’. Bookings and dates are fixed and final from the moment the deposit has been received.
The arrival date and departure date, is fully up to your choice.
(After consultation of your ‘Morocco Carp Fishing’- representative off course)

Tip: First check the flight schedules and prices of the different flight companies, before making the arrival/departure date decision. (A few days earlier/later may make a relatively big price difference!).

Bookings are possible for 7 days (this is the minimum), 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, or 14 days.

Prices per person (valid from September 2018 to September 2019) for:

7        fishing days: euro 500
8        fishing days: euro 550
9        fishing days: euro 620
10        fishing days: euro 690
11        fishing days: euro 760
12        fishing days: euro 830
13        fishing days: euro 900
14        fishing days: euro 970

Not-fishing accompanying persons, will have to pay 3/5 of the prices listed above.

The price for your arrangement is calculated depending on the starting and finishing fishing day. Your (eventual) stay in the hotel is not price included. The price for an overnight stay, at the hotel, costs euro 25 per person. (breakfast included) (warm meal not included).

Price Calculation Example:

You arrive at Casablanca (or Marrakech) on the Saturday afternoon (or evening). You will be picked up at the airport and brought to the hotel and stay overnight. On the Sunday morning, after breakfast, you will be brought to the lake. All the necessary fishing tackle will be handed over to you and you can start fishing.

The next week, on the Sunday afternoon, you stop fishing. In the early evening, you will be brought back to the hotel and after an overnight stay and breakfast,
you will be brought back to the airport of Casablanca (or Marrakech), in the course of Monday.

The price for your fishing trip arrangement will be calculated as an 8 days fishing trip.
(From Sunday until Sunday, 8 fishing days, price euro 550)
The price for your hotel will be 2 x € 25 = € 50
The total price = euro 600.
Your total traveling time = 10 days. (arrival day + 8 fishing days + departure day).

It is possible to take a shower in the warehouse of ‘Morocco Carp Fishing’, near the lake, in case you wish to be transported directly from the lake to the airport.

For a full overview and price calculation of your journey,

please contact, without any obligation, your ‘Morocco Carp Fishing’-representative for the UK:

Anton James             email address:          anton.mega@hotmail.co.uk

Upon arrival at the airport:

Upon arrival at Casablanca or Marrakech, you will be picked up at the airport. The taxi driver, with a sign ‘Morocco Carp Fishing’ will be waiting for you. You will be driven, direction lake ‘Ait Messaoud’.

From Casablanca:   2hrs15 drive                                                                            From Marrakech:             4 hrs. drive

Depending on the time of the day and the situation and of course, what you want yourself… you will be brought to the lake or to the hotel. The hotel is situated in the nearest city, Beni Mellal, at approx. 20 minutes from the lake.
Arriving fishermen, will be brought to the lake until 04.00 hrs. pm at the latest. This means, in practice, that most ‘new-comers’ will be brought directly to the hotel. Only those with very early flights will have the possibility to start fishing right away, on the same day of arrival.

In case you have been brought to the hotel: The following (early) morning, after breakfast, you will be picked up at the hotel and brought to the lake. There, you will be supplied with the tackle and the latest ‘take information’. After you have chosen your swim, you will be brought (by boat) to the swim(s). Upon arrival at the swim, our co-worker(s) will set up the tents (bivy’s) and the shadow shelter.

In case you have been brought directly to the lake: Upon arrival at the lake, you will be supplied with the tackle and the latest `take information’. After you have chosen your swim, you will be brought (by boat) to the swim(s). Upon arrival at the swim, our co-worker(s) will set up the tents (bivy’s) and the shadow shelter and supply you with a meal for dinner. As this first ‘fishing-day’ is not a full fishing-day, only euro 25 will be charged, for this ‘direct to the lake-service’.

All people get (per two person):

  • A big stove + big bottle of gas + a small cooking stove + a cool box (for the food) + shadow shelter + a big cooking pot (particles) + a big barrel (particles storage) + a boat with fish finder + 2 safety jackets + a chemical toilet + a table and 2 chairs.• Landing net + unhooking mat
  • A full set of cooking material + a pot, a pan and a cattle + cooking oil + salt and pepper + Moroccan flavors + 2 glass and 2 cups + (instant) coffee, milk and sugar + washing up liquid.

All people get with them (per person):

  • 3 rods + bivy + bed chair
  • 6 bank sticks or a rod pot with buzzer bars (upon choice)

Every day, the organizations boat will come along, at least once.
They will bring you breakfast, a warm meal and fresh foods.
At the same time, our coworkers will ask you if you want something extra or special, to bring with them, the next boat trip. (Within the possibilities, they will bring your request asap, most probably the next morning).

People who want to alter swim(s), can report this to the organization and (within the possibilities of the internal organization) they will be moved the following day. In principle, every swim, which is not occupied, can be moved to, upon request.
Altering swim, the first time, is free of charge. Each subsequent time of relocation, there will be a supplement charged of € 20, for this service.
On the last fishing day, the fishermen will be brought to the hotel again or directly to the airport. (Depending on flight schedule and to be negotiated locally).
All people who want to be transported directly from the lake to the airport, can take a shower near the lake, in the ‘Morocco Carp Fishing’ warehouse.

Not included in the total price but available, upon request:

  • Water (bottle of 1.5 liters)
  • Coca Cola (bottle of 1 liter)
  • Beer (lager), (33 cl, in cans) (to be ordered upon arrival)
  • Maize is available in sacs of 50 kg.
  • (Moroccan) wine can be ordered upon arrival.
  • Whisky
  • Ricard 45°
  • Cigarettes (Marlboro Red) to be ordered upon arrival. (carton of 200 cigarettes)
  • Atlas-Boilies (Yellowish color, based on bird food and fish meal)
  • Chickpeas
  • Leads are available, `swivel’, 4 oz and 5 oz.
  • `Morocco Carp Fishing’ T-shirt and Polo-shirt
    (M / L / XL /XXL) (L / XXXL)

Furthermore, if you need anything (other than on this list), you can always contact the base camp with your mobile phone. (You will get the tel. numbers of our coworkers in the base camp). They will provide as soon as possible in your needs, within the possibilities.

Fishing tackle to bring with you:

  • Reels, buzzers, bite indicators and a tackle box with rig material.
  • Sleeping bag
  • Carp sacks + scales + weigh sling
  • Drying towel(s)

No need to panic if you forgot something, most items, which normally are in your tackle box, are also available at the base camp.


  • If allowed by the flight company, you can take your sleeping bag as second piece of luggage with you. (Please consult your flight company)
  • To restrict your luggage weight, you can buy your leads from the organization, at the lake, in Morocco. (swivel leads, 4 oz. or 5 oz.).
  • Ask for information at your personal health insurance organization, and make sure that you carry the necessary papers with you, so that you can be helped without problems, by the medical services in Morocco, in case of illness or injury.


  • Don’t bring any hemp with you.
  • Don’t put any tackle (nor your reels), in your hand luggage! (At some airports, this is causing troubles!)

Although, no significant accidents or illnesses have occurred to the clients of ‘Morocco Carp Fishing’ since the start of the operations in 2007, we like your attention for the following:

“‘Morocco Carp Fishing’, can never be held responsible for any accidents, bodily injury or property damage, property loss or misuse of the given goods.”

We advise our clients, if they wish, to take a personal travel insurance.

This is a brief summary of what you can expect when you subscribe for a trip to the lake. No doubt, you still have some questions.

Please contact the `Morocco Carp Fishing’- representative for your country:

Stefaan Bleyenberg: e-mailadres stefaan.bleyenberg@radioholland.com
Marc Vergauwen: e-mail adres marc.vergauwen@hotmail.com

Thank you.