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Morocco Carp Fishing Organization – General Information

The transport to and from the airport of Casablanca (ride 2 hours) and the airport of Marrakech (ride 3.5 hours) is included in the price

All meals (traditional Moroccan cuisine, with, occasionally, a ‘Western touch’) are included in the price.
Boat and depth sounder are included in the price.
The will to do everything possible to organize a fantastic experience and unforgettable fishing holiday for you and the willing and friendly cooperation of all our ‘Morocco Carp Fishing’ staff, is included in the price.

Electric motors can be rented and are therefore not included in the price.
The rental price for an electric motor (including daily battery service)
is € 12.5 per fishing day. (€100 for 8 fishing days).
(Electric motors must be ordered in advance, when making the booking)

The flight ticket is not included in the price.
You can order the tickets yourself (if you are not well informed yourself, you can
this is best done through a travel agency) or, if you prefer, the Morocco Carp Fishing representative can look up (and order) the cheapest tickets for you, for the period you specify (this is a free service).
(Airline prices, round trip, currently fluctuate between €150 and €250 per person, from Brussels-South (Charleroi), between
the €150 and €250 pp from Brussels (Zaventem), and between €200 and €300 pp from Amsterdam (Schiphol), depending on when you book and especially, how much in advance…).
(If you book flights yourself, always from/to Casablanca or Marrakech. This is due to the transport from/to the airport to/from the lake).

After you have contacted the Morocco Carp Fishing – representative of your country, you will receive the date(s) you want, (if still available), 4 weeks ‘in option’.
Your booking is fixed from the moment that the advances (€ 50 pp) have been transferred.
(The advances are not ‘refundable’)
If the advances are not transferred within 4 weeks, you can request a new date and (if still available), you will receive that date again for 4 weeks ‘in option’.

You can book on any arrival and departure date.
(So ​​we do not work with ‘fixed periods’).

Tip: It is usually, financially very attractive, to first check the prices and flight schedules of the various airlines, before fixing the final exact dates.

You can book for 7 (fishing) days (this is the minimum), 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 or 14 days.
Prices (valid from September to September 2018) start from Euro 500, for 7 fishing days.
The price for accompanying persons who do not fish is 3/5 of the price for persons who do fish.
The price for your stay is calculated on the basis of the starting and ending fishing day. On the other hand, any hotel stay (usually the first and last night) must be paid for by the customer himself. (To be paid during the checkout of the so-called extras, on the last day before departure). The price is €35, per night, per person. (Hot meal and breakfast not included).
For example: You arrive on Saturday afternoon (or evening). You will be taken to the hotel,
where you eat a hot meal and spend the night. Sunday morning, after breakfast, you will be taken to the lake to start fishing. The following week, Sunday afternoon, you will stop fishing and be taken back to the hotel in the early evening. You take a hot meal and spend the night in the hotel. Monday morning, after breakfast, you will be transferred back to the airport of Marrakech or Casablanca.
The price for your fishing trip is then calculated as follows: fishing from Sunday to Sunday, an 8 fishing days package.
Your total travel time is then 10 days. (day of arrival + 8 fishing days + day of departure).
People who want to be taken directly to the airport after fishing have the possibility to shower on site.

For a complete overview of all prices and price calculations,
please, without obligation, contact your Morocco Carp Fishing – representative (for Belgium and the Netherlands):
Stefaan Bleijenberg : e-mail address:
Marc Vergauwen: email address:
Upon arrival at the airport of Casablanca (or Marrakech) you will be picked up by someone from the organization (with a sign ‘Morocco Carp Fishing’). Then it goes to Lac Ait Messaoud with a taxi. Depending on the time of day and the situation, you may or may not be taken to the hotel or directly to the lake.
We work together with Hotel Ouzoud****, which is equipped with swimming pool, restaurant and bar. From Hotel Ouzoud it is about a 25 minute drive to the lake.

If you were taken to the hotel (and not directly to the lake): Early the next morning, after breakfast, you will be taken to the lake. Once there, you will be provided with all your fishing equipment and latest information, so that you can choose a swim. You will then be taken to your spot by boat. Once arrived at your swim, our employee will set up the tents (bivy’s) and the shade construction.

If you were taken directly to the lake: When you arrive on site, you will be provided with all your fishing equipment and latest information so that you can choose a swim. You will then be taken to your spot by boat. Once you have arrived at your swim, our employee will set up the tents (bivy’s) and the shade construction and you will be provided with an evening meal.

Everyone gets (per two people):
•A cooking fire (large) + gas bottle (large) + a cooking fire (small) + cool box (food) + a shadow construction + a large cooking pot (for particles) + a large plastic tub (storage and soaking of particles) + a boat with depth sounder + 2 life jackets + a chemical toilet + a table and 2 chairs.
•A landing net + unhooking mat + weighing bag
•A full set of ‘eating utensils’ + a pot and a pan and a kettle + cooking oil + salt and pepper + 2 glasses and 2 cups + spices and ‘instant’ coffee, sugar and milk powder + washing up liquid.

Everyone gets (per person):
•3 rods + tent + bedchair
•6 rod rests or a rod pot with buzzer bars (as you prefer)

The boat of the organization comes by at least once every day and brings you a hot meal and fresh food. You will also be asked each time whether you need anything ‘special’ or ‘extra’, which will then be brought (as far as possible) during the next ‘boat delivery’.

Fishermen who want to change swims can report this to the organization. If the internal organization allows, they will then be relocated during the next day. (In principle, you can move to any spot that is not occupied).
The first move is free.

Available, but not included in the price:
•Water (1.5 liter bottles)
• Coca Cola (1 liter bottles)
• Beer (pilsner) is available in cans of 33 cl (to be ordered on arrival)
•Maize is available in bags of 50 kg (40 euros)
•Moroccan wine (to be ordered on arrival)
•Cigarettes (Marlboro Red), 200 pieces per carton
• Whiskey (bottle 70 cl)
•Ricard 45° (bottle 70 cl)
•Atlas-Boilies (from 1 July 2012, standard with the addition of fishmeal)
•Chick peas (frog peas)
•Lead (swivel type only) (120 and 170 gr)
•T-shirt and Polo ‘Morocco Carp Fishing’. (M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL)

If you need something that is not in the above list, you can always contact the organization (from your site) (base camp) with your mobile phone. You will receive the telephone numbers of the base camp workers. They will ensure that you have the requested item available as soon as possible, within the possibilities.

To bring your own fishing equipment:
•Reels, bite alarms, swingers and a tackle box for making hooklinks.
•Sleeping bag
•Carp storage bag(s) + an unster
•Dry towel(s)

In an emergency…all the gear normally in your tackle box is also available at base camp.

•Bring your sleeping bag as a second piece of luggage (if allowed).

(Consult your airline).
•To limit the weight in your suitcase, it is best to buy your lead from Morocco Carp Fishing. Please order in advance, when booking, and we will ensure that the ordered lead is ready for you. (swivel lead of 120 or 170 gr.)
• Ask your health insurance company for information and make yourself ‘in line’, so that, in case of illness or physical injury, you can be helped by the medical services in Morocco without any problems.

• Do not take hempseed (hemp seed) with you!

          (That can cause big problems, in Morocco)

•Put your reels and bite alarms (as well as the rest of your fishing gear) in the ‘main luggage’. (Not in hand luggage!)

          (Sometimes, at the airport, it's difficult…)

Although there have been no significant accidents or illnesses since the establishment of ‘Morocco Carp Fishing’ in 2007, ‘Morocco Carp Fishing’ would like your attention
for the next:

“Morocco Carp Fishing, can never be held responsible for any accidents, physical or material injuries, loss of goods or incorrect use of the goods made available.”

We advise our customers, if they wish, to take out personal travel insurance.

No doubt you have more questions than there are answers in this summary. Please contact your Morocco Carp Fishing – representative, without obligation.

Your Morocco Carp Fishing – representative, for Belgium and the Netherlands, is:
Stefaan Bleijenberg: email address:
Marc Vergauwen: e-mail address:

Thank you.

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